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trilium - Build your personal knowledge base

Recently, I came across a note-taking application called trilium. As stated in its README:

Build your personal knowledge base with Trilium Notes.

Using this software, it is easy to build a personal knowledge base. Its unique design and high extensibility have attracted me.


There are five main features that attract me to this software:

  1. Unique directory structure design, where a single note can act as both a "file" and a "folder," making it easy to organize documents.
  2. Notes support custom icons, viewing edit history, cloning (similar to hard links in a file system), and more.
  3. WYSIWYG rich text editor with a good editing experience.
  4. Highly extensible, allowing customization of buttons, page elements, and batch operations on notes through the API.
  5. Separation of frontend and backend, enabling easy sharing and synchronization of notes across multiple platforms.


This software has multiple running modes, such as:

  1. Opening the client locally, where note content is only stored locally.
  2. Deploying it on a server and setting the server address in the local client, enabling periodic synchronization of note content between the local and cloud.
  3. Deploying it on a server and accessing the server address directly, allowing direct interaction with the server through a web browser.

I personally recommend using the second method and deploying a backup of notes on a server.


To install the client, you can visit trilium - release. If you need Chinese translation, you can install trilium-translation - release.


In general, we can directly deploy the server using the compressed package method. The process is very simple, just follow the steps.


Here are a few typical features showcased.

Documents and Sub-documents#

The right sidebar displays document content and previews of sub-documents.


Note Cloning#

The same note can be organized in different locations within the directory.


Note Editing#

A mature rich text editor.


Custom Buttons#

Custom buttons can be added to the sidebar, which, when clicked, generate today's note and its two sub-notes, "Study" and "Entertainment."


Note Synchronization#

Synchronization of note content with a remote server.



For more advanced requirements, you can refer to Trilium: A Highly Customizable Personal Knowledge Base (Advanced Guide).

If you want to write your own scripts, you can refer to the official API documentation:

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