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The second semester of the sophomore year is about to begin!

Another long period of time has passed!

I have been staying at home because of the virus for these days. I spent the difficult winter vacation in a daze, and finally the new semester is here! (Not really)

Course Schedule#

Speaking of the new semester, the first thing that comes to mind is the new course schedule. Here is my course schedule:




Due to the impact of the virus, I can only take online classes at home for the first few weeks. That's about it. There are still a few courses that haven't been notified yet, so let's not worry about them for now...

SubjectTeaching MethodSpecific ContentRemarks
Artificial IntelligenceMOOC+BB+QQ GroupSee BB platformNone
Digital Logic and SystemsRain Classroom+MOOC+BB+QQSee BB platformNeed to install Altera Quartus 13.1 or higher in advance
Algorithm Design and AnalysisUnknownNoneNone
Assembly Language ProgrammingBB+QQ GroupSee BB platformRemember to submit assignments on time (50% of the final grade, assignments account for a large proportion)
Compiler PrinciplesUnknownNoneNone
Situation and PolicyYouke ClassroomNoneWrite a 2000-word current affairs comment (paper version) and submit it after returning to school
Ideological and Political Theory and PracticeUnknownNoneNone
Physical Education (Badminton)MOOC+Physical Fitness TrainingNoneMOOC is "Eight Methods and Five Steps Boxing"


Classes will start tomorrow, and from the current situation, online classes are not very convenient. On the one hand, teachers need to spend extra time getting familiar with the platforms, and on the other hand, students need to constantly pay attention to these platforms. The excessive dispersion of platforms has also brought great difficulties to students.

I hope the epidemic will end soon and everyone can return to their normal lives as soon as possible.

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